The author

Ron Tanmer
Ron Tranmer was born in Jerome Idaho in 1940. The oldest of seven children. He has been married for 51 years, they have 4 children,13 grandchildren,7 great-grandchildren.
He has always enjoyed writing poetry. he wrote his first poem when he was 8 years old for the prettiest girl of his class, he got a big smile so he was inspired to write more, He wrote a poem like “Broken chain” at the passing of a family member, and “teardrops” when he lost a grandchild. He has written and copyrighted over 400 poems on many different subjects, and for many occasions. Some are licensed and can be found on wall plaques, woven throws, cups, music boxes, bookmarks and headstones.
These are thoughts and rhymes, that helps you to remind the importance of God, Family, friendship, country, love, compassion and humour in our lives.

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